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The Top 5 Fashion Trends for Officials

For all the shoe lovers out there, Jimmy Choo has got news for you. The global luxury brand is celebrating the festival of lights by introducing the India-exclusive Diwali edit for 2022. The brand is almost certain to make you feel festive this season, after all, what is Diwali without the shimmer of your ensemble and the clacking of your heels? Jimmy Choo brings the Bing 100 shoes and Bon Bon bag, all rendered in champagne sandy glitter fabric. The versatile design brings a perfect amalgam of sparkle and glamour to the table, that is sure to go with any Diwali outfit. So this festive season, bring the spotlight back on you and make a scene-stealing appearance wearing exclusive Jimmy Choo designs, that are sure to make a few heads turn. The line is now available across all Jimmy Choo stores in India.

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